13. 10. 2010

Gypsy Spirit 2010

The office of the Government Representative for Human Rights organizes in the framework of the government Campaign against Racism 2010 the second Gypsy Spirit prizes which will be announced by the Government Representative for Human Rights at the press conference on 20 September 2010 at 10:00.


By 20 October 2010 can the individuals and organizations send their nominations by mail or e-mail (more information can be found in the nomination application form which can be downloaded from websites

The project Gypsy Spirit is focused on the promotion of an active effort of all those who participate in the improvement of the situation of Romanies in their countries. The objective of the project is to establish a tradition regarding awarding work for the Romany community, to build up a public platform for presentation of positive and real contributions and thus to inform the general public on activities of organizations and individuals aimed at promotion of the Roma community inclusion in the society and at improving their life situation.

Gypsy SpiritGypsy Spirit prizes are therefore focused on the promotion and highlighting of such projects and activities which bring real and measurable results and present real help for the Romany population.

This year's Gypsy Spirit prizes are held under the auspices of the Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament Heidi Hautala, Václav Havel and the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Nečas. Jan Fischer, Ladislav Goral, Michael Kocáb, Katarína Mathernová and Ľubomíra Slušná will be sitting on the jury. Members of the laic/media jury, which will announce prize for the activity of the year, will be Patrik Banga, Gabriela Hrabaňová, Lýdia Poláčková, Ivan Šaray and Jindřich Šídlo.

The Gypsy Spirit prize award ceremony 2010 will be held again at the "Pražská křižovatka" (Prague Crossroad”) intellectual centre on 10 December 2010 on the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights. During the evening, the Slovac music group "Cigánski diabli" will perform.

The first annual Gypsy Spirit 2009 in the Czech Republic were announced by the Minister for Human Rights Michael Kocáb. The project was organized under the auspices of the chairman of the jury Mr. Václav Havel and the Eurocommissioner Vladimír Špidla. The project culminated in the the prize award ceremony at the “Pražská křižovatka" centre on 1 December 2009 in the presence of Václav Havel, Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, the Director of the ACEC Ľubomíra Slušná, Magda Vašáryová and Andrzej Mirga. The entire gala evening was broadcast by the Czech Radio; the Czech Television broadcast the television recording of the prize award ceremony on the ČT 24 channel on 5 December 2009 at 20:00.

Two annual prize awards have already been organized in the Slovak Republic by the Asociácia pre kultúru, vzdelávanie a komunikáciu (ACEC). More information on the implementation of the project in the Slovak Republic and in the Czech Republic can be found at websites

Winners of Gypsy Spirit 2009:

1. Prize for a non-governmental organization – for the implementation of the project and other achievements.

Český západ, civic association

2. Prize for a corporation – for long-term promotion of projects aimed at social aid, support of Romany community and forming heterogeneous environment.

Museum of Romany Culture

3. Prize for extracurricular education activities - focused on Romany children and youth

• Elementary school Svitavy-Lačnov

4. Prize for an individual – for long-term cooperation or exceptional project contributing to the improvement of the standard of living of the Romany minority.

• Ladislav Goral

5. Prize for the activity of the year – for activities connected with lifesaving or improvement of quality of life

• The Paediatric Unit of Intensive and Resuscitation Care of a Teaching Hospital in Ostrava under the leadership of Michal Hladík for exemplary medical care provided to little Natálka, who suffered burns over most of her body during an arson attack on her parents’ home.

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